The  flyover is the elevated passage that provides faster and safer access to the destination.

Flyover plays an important role in the city.The Benefits of Flyover are:  

It plays a major role in streamlining the traffic control system. 

• A lot of time congestion is avoided through this flyover. 

• It will significantly reduce travel time and noise, air, and other environmental pollution in the area. 

• It will help the business community to grow its business. 

• It will increase pedestrian safety, reduce the risk of accidents as proper pedestrian crossings will be developed and other signage will be installed. 

• This flyover also contributes greatly to the aesthetics of the city. Those traveling on the flyover can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.


Typical Flyover consists of following components which has its own importance in construction of Flyover design that are:

  • FOOTING (Foundation)
  • PIER
  • R.C.C GIRDERS (Box).


Assessment of the design loads for a structure consists of identifying the forces due to both natural and designer-made effects, which the structure must withstand, and then assigning suitable values to them. Frequently, several different forms of loading,  acting  either  singly  or  in  combination,  although  in  some  cases  the most unfavourable  situation  can  be  easily  identifiable.


(A) Loads acting on Flyover:  

Different types of loads acts on the Flyover Structure, which are stated below: 

·       Live Load.

·       Dead Load.

·       Earthquake Load (seismic).

·       Earth Pressure.

(B)  Load Combination:  

It consists of following load cases to be considered for analysis: z

·       Normal condition.

·       Normal + seismic in longitudinal direction.

·       Normal + seismic in transverse direction.

(C)  Horizontal Force and its application:

  • Braking force in the longitudinal direction is considered to act at bearing level.

  • Frictional force is considered in longitudinal direction acting at bearing level.

  • Seismic force parameters (as per analysis) is considered as given below:

  • Zone factor for Zone- IV, Z = 0.24

  • Seismic forces due to the various components of the Flyover are considered to act at the C.G of each component.

  • In case of seismic force in the longitudinal direction, 100% of the seismic force from the superstructure of any span is considered to act on the pier with the fixed bearing and in case of seismic force in the transverse direction, the total force is considered to be shared equally by all the supporting piers.


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