Design plan

design plan of quarter

Design Plan of Quarter House

AREA OF QUARTER =11.9 m x 10.1m

Quarter Room or house is provided especially for servant, workers or soldier and their families.They are constructed for the people that are coming to earn money from far flung areas.So, it is essential from the owner to built up a quarter for workers so they can do their duities without any hindrances or delay.

The Design Plan consists of :

Lobby                 6.6 m x 3.72 m

Lobby covers the larger area of the building.It is provided for group meeting or as a passage entrance for other rooms

Room 1              6.35 m x 2.42 m

Room 2             6.35 m x 2.42 m

Washroom     3.5 m x 2.42 m

Room 3 and Room 4 has Fire places which are used to keep the room warm in winter.

Boiler Room        2.58 m x 2.75 m

Boiler  room is a room in a building or a compartment  containing a boiler and related heating equipment.In plan, i have shown it is made of wood panels so that we can change its location anywhere.



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