Auto level is a leveling instrument used in the surveying and construction to measure height differences and to transfer, measure, and set heights of known objects or marks. The ease of use of the auto level has made it popular among surveyors. Ease of use of auto level saves time and money

An autolevel machine is a professional tool commonly used for precise leveling. It is also used to measure horizontal distances on site. The method used to find the horizontal distance is known as the 'stadia method'.

The tool must be used on a level surface to make this method work correctly. The discovery of the Stadia range is good for finding topographical details such as rivers, fields, bridges, roads and buildings.

To measure horizontal distance with the Stadia measuring method, hold the staff rod so that it can be seen between the two stadia marks on the instrument's reticle (see figure- 1).Focus the auto level machine on the level staff, read the measurements of both cross and stadia hair markings.

Measurement of Horizontal Distance Using Auto Level

Figure-1: Measurement of Horizontal Distance Using Auto Level

For example:

Upper Stadia Hairs =  1.56 metre

Lower Stadia Hairs = 1.23 metre

Now Difference between Upper Stadia and Lower Stadia = 1.56 – 1.23 = 0.33 metre

Now convert the 0.33 meter into cm i.e, 0.33 x 100 = 33 cm.

In Autolevel machine, the scale of the difference of Upper Stadia and Lower Stadia is designed in such a manner i.e,

1 cm = 1 m

So, we can say The horizontal distance is 33 metre.

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