Design plan of a single shop 

plan of a single shop
Figure -1 Plan of a single shop with store and washroom

The Design plan shows:

Shop Area of size       5.3 m  x  8.9 m

Office Store               2.65 m  x  4.1 m 

Washroom                 1.1 m  x  1.75 m

The shop has front glass frame window with glass door 1.23 m wide as shown in figure -1  for attracting the customers so that they can view what is inside the shop.The walls of the shop can be fully decorated with accessories that are for sale.It depends on what kind of shop you want to have whether it is for bookshop,beauty parlour,departmental store,chemist or super market. Here, in this plan i am showing the plan which can give you an idea for designing a single shop for starting your business on small scale.Office stores are usually provided with cupboards to store extra item and computer desk as well . 

For example: If you have a handicraft store, provide racks and shelves for keeping the handicraft items of different varities and for understanding this, i will provide the elevations in which the walls are marked as A,B,C and D (see figure-2) indicating the height of shop as 3.65 m.

Elevations of a single shop
Figure-2. Elevations of a single shop 

As in figure-2, The elevtions A,B,C and D shows a general view that indicates racks for clothes,shleves.It usually depends on which shop you want to open depending upon ease and location .This plan is designed only for single shop with washroom and store.


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