Plan of the area about 648 square feet -  18'-2" x 35'-8"

There are always conditions or options by which we can design the plan of the smaller area of about   648 square feet which includes significantly a bedroom,washroom and lobby.So, let me provide two options for the plan that are shown as under :


plan of area

First option of the plan consists of :

 A single Bedroom with cupboard - 15'-6" x 13'-1"

 Wahroom - 5' x 7'

 Lobby or Dining area -19' x 9'-9"

 Kitchen area - 5' x 11'-4"


plan area

Second option of the plan consists of :

A single Bedroom with cupboard - 15'-6" x 16'-7" with washroom attached  - 5' x 7'-3"

Lobby /Dining and Kitchen area -15'- 7" x 15'- 7"

However, there can be a lot of options and it depends upon the need and suitable requirements.If we design a plan always remember that  designing a plan  for simple buildings should be economical.Try to design the plan in such a way that it requires less workers or labours and less brick partitions which inturn reduces the cost budget and time.


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