The autocad plans are designed for houses with variety of features depending upon the clients prespective. Every client wants a good and simplified designs keeping in mind the cost that will involve as well.So, whenever i design plans keeping in mind the budget cost of the client.I always ensure that all my autocad plans give proper detailing to the contractor or agency that constructs the house or a building. In this article, i will show you simple detailing of my plan but on other side i design formatted plans for large scale projects.So let me show you a simpler one that has a ground floor and first floor with terrace.

Total built up area    = 30' x 41'- 6"

                                   = 1245 square feet


The design plan for a house - 30' x 41'- 6" :

Ground and First Floor Plan of House -30' x 41' -6"

you can see the details from plan above.It will show the proper details with all dimensions.

AutoCAD is widely used in the civil engineering field because of its ability to plan designs a lot easier then hand drawings. The main thing is that if you want to draft any civil engineering structure (2D or 3D) such as buildings, bridges, roads, drainage, pipeline, dams, intersection etc. With accuracy, speed limits and easy editing, AutoCAD is the best option in the market.

For civil engineers, i recommend you to go for the short course in Autocad designing that will help you in future. If you work in construction field it will help you easily to study  architectural or structural drawings.When i was studying civil engineering i always had an interest in autocad more than anything.During my last semester, i started doing autocad course both in two and three dimensional designing. I am really motivating the civil engineer's so that come forward and take responsibilities for designing structures and buildings as well.I hope you people will go and do a short course in autocad. Always remember, never give up.




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