Column kicker is the bottom of the column so it has the same length and width as the column.

The column kicker is constructed to provide a base for the formwork. This gives accurate column base alignment.

column kicker

Column kicker is also known as column starter.

After the column starter is manufactured, the formwork can be laid immediately.

The height of the column kicker ranges from 100 millimeters to 150 millimeters.

The standard height of the column kicker is 150 mm as it gives greater stability to the formwork.

Advantages of column kicker

It provides stability to the formwork.

It corrects column alignment.

It provides a base for formwork.

It prevents the movement of longitudinal reinforcement of columns.

Column starter ensures provision of specified column concrete cover.

Disadvantage of column starter

The main disadvantage of the column kicker is that it forms joint. The joint can be harmful if the column is not casted properly. There is a risk of cracks in the column.

Formwork can be done without column kickers but the risk of errors increases if kickers are not used.

Differences between:

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