Differences between the culvert and bridge are shown in the table below:-

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Plan of Shop 5.3 m x 8.9 m with Office Store and Washroom
Plan of the Quarter Area -11.9m x 10.1m
Calculation of Cement, Sand and Aggregate for  M-10, M-15, M-20 and M-25 (Nominal mixes)
What are different diameters of steel used in construction field
Plans of Villa Type House (60'-8" x 63'-5" ) with Double Height Lobby
Unit Weight of Different Building Materials
Abbrevations used in Civil Engineering Field 
A Simple Design Plan of Cottage 
Plan of the area about 648 square feet -  18'-2" x 35'-8"
Ground and First Floor Plan of House - 30' x 41' - 6"

For Testing:

Slump cone test, Silt content, Water absorption, Bulking of sand
Compaction factor test of concrete
Los Angeles Abrasion test on Aggregates

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