The level between the top part of the window and the top slab is called the lintel level.

The level between the base part of the window and the top (upward) part of the ground floor is called the sill level.

Plinth - a part of the superstructure that is in between the top of tie beam (ground level) and the floor level of the building.

Differences between Lintel level,Sill level and Plinth level :-

Differences between:

OPC cement vs PPC cement

Hydraulic lime vs Fatlime

Bolt vs Screw

Concrete vs Mortar


Pier vs Abutment

Culvert vs Bridge

Whole Circle Bearing vs Quadrantal Bearing

Lintel level vs Sill level vs Plinth level

Construction Joint vsExpansion Joint

One way slab vs two wayslab

Site Engineer vs SiteSupervisor

For Testing:

Slump cone test, Silt content, Water absorption, Bulking of sand
Compaction factor test of concrete
Los Angeles Abrasion test on Aggregates


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