Cement is an adhesive material of all kinds, a binding material used in building and civil engineering construction. Cement is a fine grinding powder that, when mixed with water,which then sets to a hard mass.Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world today, and cement production is widespread. 

About 1-2 tonnes of concrete is poured each year in developed countries,depending upon the work and demand of construction works


we know that one bag of cement=50 kg,
so follow three things below:

1.volume of cement bags in meter cubes (1m³)

Number of cement bags required in 1 m³ = weight of cement in 1 m³/ weight of cement in 1 bag 

so,the number of cement bags required in1 m³ = 1440/50 = 28.80 no.'s 

volume of a one cement bag = 1 / 28.8 = 0.034722 m³ 

2. volume of a cement bag in cubic feet (cft) :

As we know, 1 m³ = 35.3147 cubic feet = 28.80 no. of bags 

volume of one cement bag = 35.3147 / 28.80 = 1.226 cft (cubic feet) 

3. volume of the cement bag in the litres

Volume of a cement bag = 0.0347 m³  

since, 1 m³ = 10³ litres 

= 0.034722 x 10³ = 34.4722 litres 

 volume of one cement bag = 34.4722 litres

For Testing :


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